Challenges For Lawyers: Switching from a Compliance Oriented to a Strategic Approach.

Challenges For Lawyers: Switching from a Compliance Oriented to a Strategic Approach.

This series of reflections are based on a work developed as complementary handouts for workshops on M&A topics realised originally for the AIJA Winter Session of 2020.

As a business psychological consulting team, we would like to contribute to this session offering you some insights based on our specific studies in social and business psychology as well as on the experience gained with clients in similar roles to yours.


Starting from the briefing offered us by your colleague, we understood that one of your goals might be to switch from a compliance oriented to a strategic approach.

What mindset do we need to really understand, recognise and communicate the potential implications of data protection for the operative business?


Start always from a SWOT analysis.

Using the SWOT framework (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) to make sure you do not focus only on threats but also on the opportunities. Further having clarity about the context helps you to be perceived as business partner rather than mere service provider or even duty.


Think out of the user’s perspective.

What will they do, want to do, as they will run the business? Remember that operations are king; if you know the business client in its daily business you will be able to recognise and convey the value of data protection even beyond GDPR compliance.


Lead through asking questions rather than advising.

An answer found by our selves is always more valuable, and true, than a truth served to us by someone else. This applies also to our clients. Whenever possible, put a question that leads them to identifying relevant aspects that are less obvious, or even hidden, but make a difference  in regards of your legal practice on your focus.


All in all it is about making data protection strategic for your client.


We are well aware that these inputs are just the tip of the iceberg. They are meant as a teaser and starter for your own reflections.