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How to Make a Difference as a Business Psychologist? Tango!

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Some one asked me about the difference between a business psychologist and a coach or a consultant. I generally try to avoid to define myself in terms of "diversity", as this would implicitly set me or the other as a standard or deviation from the norm. I tend to look for the uniqueness within, regardless to comparisons. So I thought about what makes a psychologist, a business psychologist, unique and effective; and I came up with Tango!

At the very beginning of our love-story, my wife one day asked whether I would enjoy to take tango classes as she totally would. You guess it, although I do not like dancing at all I had such a crush on her... "Yes! I would love to take tango lessons!" And so we did. Tango classes where even less fun than expected - ok they where fun and I was in love but - I had to dance with other ladies, less fascinating than my fiancee, and most of all with a very clear idea about who had to lead the couple: them! But when my wife was dancing with the male teacher or even more when the two teachers where dancing together you saw it: tango is about the two things that make business psychologists make a difference and be effective.

The first thing is love; you have to deeply fall in love with your partner for the time of the dance. The same with clients, if you do not get passionate about their goals, but even more about their past achievements, you will not create that deep alliance that makes a business partnership successful.

The second thing is trust; in tango, you have to trust your partner, and know that she will make her evolution just perceiving your intention. Tango has the concept of empowerment at is essence: on one end you allow the expression of the potential you identify and on the other end your partner feels acknowledged and expresses. If you do not profoundly belief there is potential you won´t see it and try to replace it with your knowhow or own skills. That is when you move from putting relevant questions, the real art of applied psychology, to giving advice, something that does not belong to a professional psychologist.
So to sum it up into one sentence:

It takes two to business psychologist

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