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Is internet threatening the effectiveness of recruitment processes?

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I recently came across a post on Glassdoor : "50 Most Common Interview Questions". As an assessor I was curious to check whether they were including also my own highlights: they were!

So what now? My secret is unlocked, will every potential candidate prepare for the interview and have a good answer for every question? How can I understand if he is the right candidate or just well-prepared for the interview? Ok, I will use my professional skills and make BEI and STAR interviews and there you go: if you type in "bei interview questions" the first result explains you how to master a BEI or STAR interview; second secret is revealed!

Should I panic now??? Most assessors try to keep their know-how secret, and are very careful in not letting candidates keep any materials (in basket or in tray exercises for instance), still nowadays an average candidate who is familiar with internet (and every candidate should) can search and find every material he needs to prepare perfectly for an interview.

I guess we have to change the paradigm: If a candidate is preparing him-self accurately to an interview this is a good sign and should not worry us as recruiters or assessors. As professionals we should offer some added value that goes beyond a check list or some unsettling exercise.

So here is the question: What makes us professionals who can give added value to a recruiting process? I am happy about any idea you will share. Please let us know your point of view by emaling to or by sharing and commenting on social networks.

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